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The Bible tells us to go on mission, inviting those we meet into the Family of God. As disciples of Jesus, we can follow in His footsteps by teaching the gospel and beginning to heal others’ broken relationships with God. At Discovery Church, our Missions team is here to help you find daily opportunities to “live on mission” just as Jesus lived — whether it’s with family or friends, in the workplace, serving local causes, or advancing the global church.

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Serving Opportunities

DC On Mission has many ministry partners that you can connect with and serve. Our ministry partners are excited to connect with you.


This is how DC on Mission is changing lives.

DC On Mission Events

Serving with Dignity Workshop

December 9 | 6:30 - 9pm

December 10, 9am-2pm

Join Serving with Dignity to learn how to serve others in ways that honor everyone’s dignity and fosters healthy relationships. Thousands of people have made use of the biblical principles and practical tips in this workshop to better serve.
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Current Partner Events

Discovery Church is always looking for partners in our community offering ways for all of us to live on mission.

Buddy Break

Buddy Break provides needed respite care for families with children who have disabilities. For four hours, children stay with trusted volunteers at Sand Lake while families take a much-needed break or catch up on their to-do lists.

Second Saturday of each month, 9 am – 1 pm
Discovery Church, Sand Lake Campus

Phil Hissom
Phil Hissom
DC On Mission Pastor
Daisy Reyes
Daisy Reyes
DC On Mission Coordinator
Javier Sola
Javier Sola
Discovery Sports Pastor
Daniel Grant
Daniel Grant
Community Development Coordinator
Josh Barnett
Josh Barnett
Response Team Coordinator