Soul Care

Do certain events, struggles, or heartaches of your past still affect you today? Do you ever feel stuck, like you just can't get over the past or move forward?

Sometimes the weight of those issues press in too much on who we've become, how we live our lives, and our decision-making. The unfortunate truth is that these issues can negatively affect us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and even physically.

Soul Care Class

An opportunity available to you is the Soul Care class where you learn the principles of Soul Care with others in a class setting. Led by some of our current team members, you will begin to explore what the Bible says about how you can experience greater measures of freedom and wholeness within your heart and soul. You will have significant, personal, and meaningful “ah ha” moments as you begin to “connect the dots” to areas that are preventing you from experiencing God’s best for your life.
Soul Care Class

We offer the Soul Care class at all campuses, 2 – 3 times a year.

Option 2 | Soul Care Sessions

The Soul Care ministry of Discovery Church is a prayer-based ministry that takes place at all three campuses and helps individuals overcome past wounds and hurts.

A gifted and loving team of two individuals will meet with you for two to four ministry times over a two to four-week period. In each ministry time, you will be given the opportunity to share your life journey and the issues that have affected you. The primary focus is to pray with you and lead you into significant moments of freedom, healing, comfort, and knowing the Father’s love..

Soul Care Sessions

The Soul Care ministry is for those desiring to receive personal times of ministry.

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Meet Our Team The Renewal ministry is made up of a host of group leaders and facilitators

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Mike Schirle

Renewal Ministry Pastor
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Berry Johnston

Renewal Ministry Associate Pastor

Alayna DeLoach

Renewal Ministry Assistant